Why Double-Cleansing ?

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Double Cleansing

Double Cleansing Method
What is the Double Cleansing
The two-step or two double cleansing method to clean the skin using cosmetics is called. This procedure is usually at the end of the day to clean the skin skin experts recommend.
In this process, the oil is used in cosmetics as a skin clean is rich. Next like foam with the skin is clean.
In this manner the skin with heavy Next like foam and additional ‘sibum’ was removed. As a result, the next step is to clean the skin with light Next like foam and dead cell is eliminated.
Why do you need?
Environmental pollution due to the great outdoors foot drop skin is damaged. The heat of the sun, pollution, etc., because there mack up. Bacterial infections, air-conditioned room for a long time, and also damage the skin. The natural oils in the skin secrete sweat.
Every element of the skin from the sun is not perfectly clear bacterial infection can be increased manifold problems. Therefore double skin cleansing system needs to be cleaned.
First Step: Cleansing Oil
Clinger fit enough oil mixed with the skin on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and hands gently massage to be well over chin. The skin must be dry.
Mack up turning the finger massage the face and come up dirty stagnant. After a while should be washed with clean water.
Mack up eye and lip raised, Mack up remover with oil before use Next like foam can be lifted.
The second step: Foam Clinger
With a little Clinger to create dense foam. The whole face of the foam and neck, forehead and nose to massage the skin well. Keep in mind that the face is not too much grease by hand.
Then thoroughly wash the face with warm water. Hair should be washed thoroughly with part of his forehead. After all, with a soft towel to dry off your face.
At the end of the whole process of quality skin moisturizer lotion or cream applied should be enough. Otherwise, the skin will become dry and lose moisture.
Winter season before going to sleep well at night moisturizer applied to the skin clean is very important.

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