How to care Crack skin?

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This problem is very common problem. Many people who suffer from itchy skin or problems in stretch mark. Itchy spots on the skin can be seen in different parts of our body. This is essentially the problem of excess weight. When the size of the body increases, then stretch the skin to cover the additional volume. The spots are created as a result. Tanajanita abdominal skin due to pregnancy and the women are such spots. It was like a line visible on the skin. Parts of the body such as the abdominal wall, waist, arms, neck, back, knees, thighs, and chest can be seen even. Indeed obesity, with a body in the womb and bear the brunt of the physical problem can be caused by lack of water.
Know how to protect the itchy skin from .1. Beauty products in a variety of acidic, such as glycolic toner, moisturizer, etc., and use Clinger. This acid plays a vital role in eradicating itchy spots.
II. Use of vitamin C rich food. 3 times a day on the massage itchy spots. If you cannot take food rich in vitamin C supplement. The Supplement to eat 3 times a day.
3. Crack the egg white over 3 times daily for 5-10 minute massage. This method would not be eradicated as long as the line.
4. Itchy spots on the body to eliminate the margins of a piece of lemon massage for 15 minutes. It can be quite beneficial.
5. Itchy spots on the line every day for 10 minutes to eliminate mixing of different kinds of massage oil. Benefits can be found.
6. Sugar, lemon juice and olive oil mixed with itchy spots on the day it is made Scrub massage every 5-10 minutes.
7. Pressing another can of processes. This is a two thick slices of potato with a little itchy spots uptake massage. If you feel like a better than 15 minutes of juice in the wash area.
8. Page ghrtakumarira out of the jelly-like spots out of it on the part of the two-hour wait. Then wash it with water.
9. Make a paste of fruit, with apricot seeds left on the margins of the month for 1520 minutes two times a day.
10. Enough protein every day foods such as fish, egg white, yogurt, nuts, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds to eat. They will water carry your skin. Itchy spots will help the body to eliminate.
According to experts, hormonal changes, adolescence, pregnancy and hormone therapy, etc. in the body may be itchy spots. The breasts, thighs, buns, abdomen, knee, etc. are part of more than itchy spots. In many cases, this problem can be caused by hereditary.
A lotion, cream or oil through the use of difficult to get rid of the itchy spots completely. Naturally, the main cause of the problem is the dry itchy skin that. In the absence of moisture to the skin going to blow. The balance will retain moisture in the skin. Drink plenty of water should be at. And throughout the year can be used externally to maintain moisture moisturizer.
Suddenly, the weight does not have to be ensured. Nutritious food, plenty of vegetables and fruit to eat on a regular basis. The need for healthy skin, and a variety of nutrients needed to develop proper eating habits.